Multichain Investment Protocol

The Comet Fund is a multilayer pooled equity fund. This token feature will turn SQUID transaction volume into returns for our investors through direct reinvestment into the comet fund plus static token rewards.

Tentacle Fiat Protocol

This volume will be generated direct token integration with the SQUIDverse NFT+ Marketplace which utilizes our purpose built Fiat Onramp. This unique feature enables investors to add SQUID tokens to their wallet by buying token cards or making purchases from our online marketplace directly with their credit card. No need for an exchange account or even a wallet! This brings a new, truly frictionless way to invest in DeFi technology using traditional and legacy payment processing channels.

Token BuyBack Model SQUID token will be the on-ramp by which FIAT is converted into crypto through our token buy-back model.


SQUIDverse NFT + Marketplace

A new type of online marketplace with a suite of financial products built around the DeFi Space. Buy SQUID Token Cards, SQUIDverse pNFT Collectible Cards, and other merchandise directly on our online store.

All major forms of payments accepted with 3-Day Global Shipping.

De-Fi Triple Chain Launch

One Token with direct exposure to the 3 major smart chain projects. SQUID token will be launched on the 3 leading DeFi Blockchains: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon (MATIC).

Launch Event 2: Ethereum Blockchain 15th February, 2022 via Uniswap.

Now Live on Pancakeswap

$SQUID Token is tradable on the Pancakeswap DEX on the Binance Smart Chain. You can buy $SQUID by swapping using Binance Smart Chain Coin (BNB).

Slippage 7%
Tax: 6%
Trading pair: $SQUID-BNB

SQUID Finance is now listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Multiple ways to adopt SQUID

Investors can buy SQUID tokens directly through our NFT+ Marketplace. No swap, no sweat.

Changing the World of NFT Trading

pNFTs are part of our Proof of Concept #Mission. It involves binding NFTs to physical items that are tangible and creating a new system of exchange around them.

Rewards that are actually worth it

Investing in DeFi and crypto should be rewarding. We’ve partnered with major brands to reward you with the things you pay for anyways.

Backed by Bitcoin and BNB

Not everyone has time to look at charts. We use Institutional Grade Technical Analysis to grow our portfolio of LP. Buy SQUID now and swap for Bitcoin later.

SQUID Finance Token Launch

Community centered, fair Tokenomics with strategic a outlook to increase value for investors and provide increased capacity for adoption in the DeFI Token space.

A major challenge faced in the crypto is the high degree of friction imposed on some retail investors. Between exchange requirements and complicated swaps, the casual investor is left behind. SQUID Finance is attempting to create multiple paths to adoption by simplifying purchasing crypto through the use of a more familiar eCommerce experience.


Fixed Total Supply

SQUID Token 5 Bn Tokens.

Circulating Supply: 1.6 Bn Tokens.

Binance Smart Chain



Smartchain Liquidity Pairs

0.5 Bn Tokens Locked for BTC, ETH, and MATIC Liquidity Acquisition Pairs.

1.0 Bn Locked for CEX and Chain Launches.

BSC Liquidity Lock: 2 Years with relock via DxSale.

Token Burn 3%

Comet Fund 2%

Holder Rewards 1%

A percentage of every transaction is burned creating deflationary pressure at the volume trading level.

Ethereum Allocation

1.5 Bn tokens allocated for ERC-20 Launch via Launchpad.

10% more tokens at Presale.

The easy way to invest in crypto

Purchasing crypto for friends or family? No wallet, no exchange? Don’t know what a swap is? But you want to invest in crypto? Buy a SQUID Token card. It’s as easy as add to cart and check out. Your tokens are stored in the SQUID Vault till you redeem them to your chosen wallet. All major forms of payment accepted.

SQUID Token Cards

SQUID Cards are physical or digitally downloadable cards issued in SQUID against the equivalent FIAT value at the time of purchase. Cards contain unique QR codes that are used to claim your tokens and transfer them to your favorite crypto-wallet. SQUID merch and other products for the NFT+ Marketplace will also have a percentage of their FIAT value redeemable in SQUID tokens.


SQUIDverse Collectible Cards

SQUIDverse Collectible Cards are tradable digital and physical NFTs which are worth SQUID Tokens. Buying a physical copy produces a unique NFT-bound asset iteration of the work.

At launch 100% of the USD purchase is convertible to $SQUID token.

Are you a content creator? Want to get your work on our platforms?

NFT+ Marketplace

SquidCards Available now on the SQUIDverse NFT+ Marketplace. Other products have cashback in the form of SQUID tokens. Each product ships with a redeemable QR code. Fixed conversion rate of 0.7:1 $USD.

Rewards in BNB, ETH or ADA

Rewards are paid out in BNB, ETH or ADA from SQUID’s holdings in the Comet Fund for Galaxy and Supernova Level Hodlers.

Painfree Flexible Staking

Earn additional passive income on your all your crypto holdings. SQUID Tokens are rewarded to HODLers based on a tiered system and are distributed quarterly or annually.

Meteror: 3% APY*

Galaxy: 4% APY*

Supernova 5% APY*

*Based on estimated aggregated data. True APYs will be reported following launch.

SQUID Rewards for HODLing

We want to reward you with the things you use everyday and pay for anyway. So why not hold SQUID tokens, earn passive income and get your favorite services bundled for free?

SQUID Finance intends to form strategic alliances with other developers of disruptive technology. Holders of SQUID tokens will benefit from the range of services that each partner offers which will grow as our adoption base continues to grow.

SQUID Smartcard Crypto Wallet

Add De-fi to your wallet. Store your crypto and tokens all safely within our physical cold wallet unit. Wallets are customizable with NFT images or anything you want.


Several blockchain experts, crypto enthusiasts and market analysts have been assembled by our community to maintain the Comet Fund asset portfolio. We will continuously add crypto in the form of SQUID-LPs for major blockchain coins with a lean towards De-Fi centered projects. This provides our own capacity for our BTC, ETH and MATIC swaps.

SQUID Inkubator

$SQUID will invest a portion of the Comet Fund in promising De-Fi startups. Are you a project developer? Contact us via Discord.

The first step in creating a store of intergalactic wealth is to build a strong community. SQUID Finance has created multiple channels to grow a robust and interactive community in the DeFI space.

Need to buy crypto? Sign up with our Binance referral link and get a 40% Spot Rebate.

SQUIDverse + Comet Fund

Tokens from transaction fees are generated by transaction volume. SQUIDverse was designed to maximize trading volumes to increase returns for all holders while replenishing the Comet Fund for reinvestment. Want to join our trading team?

Our investment team is a decentralized group of blockchain and TA experts from all around the world that have over 10+ Years experience in trading crypto.

Capture all the gains

Simply Hodl SQUID tokens and capture all the gains in major crypto projects without thinking about it. Gains are stacked against the value of SQUID token and in Locked SQUID-LPs of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic and more.

Are you a trader? Join our trading channel for tips and daily TA. Get a 40% Futures rebate.

The Comet Fund

The Comet Fund is a pooled equity investment fund created from transaction volume that utilizes industry leading trading strategies and technical analysis to acquire crypto assets at the best possible entry points. These acquisitions are stored as Locked-LP bound to SQUID token’s value.

Ultra Rare NFT+


What’s a pNFT?

They’re one of a kind. Only one physically verifiable copy exists and the pNFT is the container that encapsulates this. Other versions exist, they are less rare of course, but still awesome.

Want to create your own? Join the SQUID Metaverse content creator’s list.

SQUIDverse is the Heart of SQUID Token

This space themed NFT + Marketplace will be home to our original characters as well as submissions from the community through our all social media channels. Get SQUID token rewards for listing your NFTs through our marketplaces.

Why invest in SQUID Token?

Multichain Deflationary Token Investment Protocol with FIAT Onramping. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (MATIC).

One Token with direct exposure to the 3 major smart chain projects and Bitcoin.

View on BSC Scan.

How to participate in a Presale?

We are currently in Phase 1 which will see the launch of the token on Binance Smart Chain via DxSale.

This is your chance to get in early and earn 10% more tokens than launch on Pancakeswap.

The Presale Link will be provided via our Telegram/Discord/Social medial leading up to the BSc. Use your TrustWallet or MetaMask wallet to deposit your BNB contribution. Need BNB? Get more when you buy on Binance.

All presale participants get FREE Netflix for 1 month.

How to buy SQUID Token?

After Presale, you can buy SQUID Token by purchasing SQUID Cards from SQUIDverse or using a DEX like Pancakeswap, Uniswap or Quickswap. You need to setup a wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet and then import our contract. Fund your wallet with BNB/ETH/MATIC (Sign up with Binance to Buy BNB/ETH/MATIC) and then swap for SQUID Token.

Slippage – 6%.

Binance Smart Chain



What are pNFTs?

pNFT is a type of Ultra Rare NFT. Read more about it and learn about our shared ownership model in the whitepaper.

What is the Comet Fund?

What is the Comet Fund and How does it work?

The Comet Fund is a multilayer pooled equity type fund, in this case based on crypto assets. It is one way in which SQUID Finance will create income through investing the tokens generated through transaction fees into other defi projects guided by institutional grade technical analysis. We in turn bind those assets acquired directly to SQUID token in the form of SQUID-LP. This LP provides the capacity to swap SQUID for any asset in our holdings.

Holdings contain an amalgamation of investments into large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap defi projects backed with locked liquidity pairs against the $SQUID token. Assets will be purchased dynamically guided by market conditions, technical analysis, and consideration of several macroeconomic factors.

Are you doing SquidGames?

The K Drama, SquidGames has been popularized by Netflix and taken the cryptoverse by storm will be coming to SQUID Finance.

Knowledge Base

Are you doing a Whitelist?

No, presale is public.
For private sale inquiries, please email:

Investor Safety
  1. Funds are SAFU.
  2. Fair Presale Rates (10% more at Presale).
  3. Anti-Bot Slippage Mechanism.
  4. Multi-signature wallets.
  5. Token Lockers for vesting tokens (vesting period varies depending on the purpose of the token lock).
  6. BSc Contract Verified and Optimized.
  7. Main Chains Liquidity Locked for 2 Years.
  8. Devs experienced in project management and token launches.
  9. Fully Audited & KYC’d team.
Uses of SQUID Token
  1. Used for adding crypto assets in the form of LP in the comet fund.
  2. Base value exchange mechanism for all transactions on SQUIDverse Marketplace.
  3. Physical or Digital Store of Wealth.
  4. Staking for passive income.
  5. Partner Rewards for Holding: Netflix, Spotify.
How to get free Netflix?

Netflix, Spotify and CruncyRoll are available to holders once they hold at least $5000USD worth of SQUID Tokens for a period of 3 months continuously. Subscriptions are sent via email and valid for the same 3 months.

All presale participants get FREE Netflix for 1 month.

Who are we?

We are a group of investors, blockchain experts and crypto enthusiasts just like you. We are a community run by a community, with members from across Europe, China and the Americas.

Will merch be available?

Our merch is already designed and this includes space and crypto themed concepts in the form of apparel etc. and will be launched very soon on the SQUIDverse NFT+ marketplace.

Timeline and Roadmap

Current Phase: Milky Way


Q3, 2021

Stage 1


  1. Feasibility Study.
  2. Venture capital funding.
  3. Core Dev Team Recruitment.
  4. SQUIDswap concept proofed.
  5. Token website design initiated.
  6. Beta testing of SQUIDverse website begins.
  7. Community Admins and Moderators Recruitment.

The dev team is divided into multiple specialized factions split up around the world. With experts in marketing, branding, blockchain technology, financial and technical analysis heading each group.

In Progress

Q4, 2021 – Q1, 2022

Stage 2

Launch and Adoption Stage

  1. Coverage of DxSale Presale.
  2. Announcement of DxSale Link.
  3. BSC Liquidity Pool Lock.
  4. Binance Smart Chain Launch on Pancakeswap.
  5. Dextools Campaign.
  6. Application for CoinGecko.
  7. Application for TrustWallet.
  8. Round 1 of Hodl Rewards.
  9. SQUID Games Promotion Campaign.
  10. Facebook and Instagram Ads Rollout.
  11. ERC-20 Network Launch on Uniswap.

Are you a content creator? We are currently onboarding TikTokers, Youtubers and Instagram Influencers.


Q2-3, 2022

Stage 3

Research & Deployment Stage

  1. Establishing the SQUID-ETH Liquidity Pair.
  2. Exchange Listing #1: We have identified BitMart and WhiteBit to be the first exchanges that would be approached.
  3. Rollout of First Tiered Rewards – Netflix, Spotify and CrunchyRoll.
  4. Development of SQUIDswap begins
  5. Launch on MATIC Network.
  6. Listing on CoinMarketCap.
  7. SQUID Wallet Development – awarding of contract for development of physical squid wallets.
  8. Publication of PoC Research for pNFT Trading Model
  9. SQUID PoW Blockchain development with auto-invest.
  10. Squid Exchange Launch/ Partnership.

In Progress


Milky Way

  • Establish SQUID Token on multiple chains.
  • Establish Hodl Rewards System.
  • Launch NFT+ Marketplace.
  • Publish findings on PoC for pNFTs.
  • Establish SQUID-LP Pairs.
  • Launch SQUIDswap.

Our trading team consists of members from all around the world that have over 10+ Years trading stocks and crypto.




  • Exchange Partnerships.
  • Initiate SQUID Coin Blockchain Development.
  • Expand the pNFT Model.
  • Investments into SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and other disruptive space technology companies.

Are you a trader? Join our trading channel for tips and daily TA.




  • Launch of SQUID Coin Blockchain. Establish the Space Commerce Investment Fund.
  • Establish the framework for Space Ticketing via Cryptocurrency (pNFTs) – Space Miles.

Interested in joining our Blockchain development team? We’re expanding.

Coming in Q2, 2022


SQUIDswap is our solution for a fully Decentralized Exchange with high interoperability between multiple smartchains.

Our blockchain team consists of Full-Stack Developers that have been behind computers for a total of 32928+ hrs.

Join our moderators and developers

The SQUID community will need to be vibrant, colorful and purpose driven. Our investment protocol is robust and will be driven by both retail and institutional investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Our community runs on Discord. Join our channel for daily updates.


The future of De-Fi is decentralized cross-chain, cross-networking protocol. Most DEXes are bound to the network they operate on for e.g. BSC. This means that projects funds are limited in their scope to the network they are contracted on.

A key feature of SQUIDswap will be it’s direct integration with our Tentacle FIAT Onramp. We’re bridging the gap between eCommerce and crypto.

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